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Welcome, Emily and Edwina!

We are pleased to welcome two new faculty for the upcoming school year: Emily Herrick (left) and Edwina Portocarrero (right).

Emily Herrick is a DSI alum and design strategist who currently works at the Service Design Studio at the Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity, where she collaborates with city agencies to improve public services with an eye towards inclusivity, accessibility, and positive user experiences. Prior to joining the Service Design Studio, Emily worked as a service designer at Reboot, a design and research consultancy. This year, Emily will be co-faculty for the Global Guest Lecture series with Chair Miya Osaki. Global Guest Lectures is a yearlong lecture course that brings in an array of speakers who expose students to new and innovative ideas in social design.

Edwina Portocarrero comes to DSI with a background in research, invention, production and design at the intersection of art, culture, technology, and society. Edwina recently co-founded Super Market, a design and creative technology production and consulting agency. Edwina received her Master’s and Ph.D. at the MIT Media Lab; her dissertation focused on the design of networked play in cities-to-be. Edwina is joining DSI as faculty for the Mapping and Visualization Design course, which teaches mapping and visualizing systems in order to facilitate a journey from thinking to making.

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