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Cheryl Heller and Mari Nakano participate in Design for Health: Nio Far Dakar 2019

Nio Far Dakar image courtesy of Design for Health

DSI Faculty Mari Nakano and former DSI Chair Cheryl Heller were both invited to participate in the April 2019 Design for Health: Nio Far Dakar convening, where they came together with other designers, global health experts, and others in the health sphere to better understand how design can be a value-add in global health.

Design and global health have overlapping human-centered and outcome-driven principles, and designers have long contributed to healthcare, working to improve healthcare products, technologies, and facilities, and to increase patient awareness and engagement.

At Design for Health, participants used the design process by interviewing each other and co-creating resources that pulled from the array of knowledge and perspectives represented at the convening. Through this process, four key considerations became clear:

1. Global health practitioners seek clarity about what design is, and how it differs and complements other approaches.
2. There is a call for a vision of  how design can address global health challenges.
3. Practical resources that illustrate how they can get the most out of design in their work are required.
4. There is a need for a roadmap of activities and commitments to strengthen the impact of design and advance our shared vision for global health.
The above is from the convening website, here.

Mari Nakano said of the event:

“To be at a convening where design is centered as a practice that has the potential to help solve global health challenges is a reflection of some of the great steps we’ve taken to partner and be at the table with the health, policymaking and development community.”

Cheryl Heller presented with Anne LaFond of JSI; they are partners in advising students on measurement and evaluation during their thesis process. Cheryl and Anne also work together on the Measured Manual, which was started after the DSI-hosted Measured Summit.

Design for Health: Nio Far Dakar represents the second convening of Design for Health, led by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID’s Center for Innovation and Impact. To follow Design for Health’s work, visit their DSI-built website hereSeveral DSI students worked to create the website, including Pragya Mishra, ’15, Malé Sandoval, ’18, and Nicholas Chan, ’18. Pragya Mishra also participated in the Design for Health convening; she is currently at Dalberg Design.

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