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Faculty Maggie Breslin and Tina Park Lead #DIGIN Project to Promote Women’s Heart Health

Faculty members Maggie Breslin (The Patient Revolution) and Tina Park (Diagram Office) teamed up to lead the #DIGIN Project, which seeks to create space to talk about women’s heart health, in partnership with Erica Spatz MD at Yale Cardiovascular Medicine. In 2018, the project was awarded the Heart to Heart Grant by the Alpha Phi Foundation.

“Managing your heart health—and all health—is about decisions and trade-offs in context. What has been so great about the #DIGIN work is that it has given us space to really explore how to best support women in that activity.” — Maggie Breslin

Read more about their work here: https://www.alphaphifoundation.org/news/impact/digin-to-preventing-heart-disease/

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