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Chair Miya Osaki Speaks on Care + Health at the NORDES 2019 Design Conference

At the Nordes 2019 Design Conference in Helsinki, DSI Chair Miya Osaki led a workshop titled “Stories of Health: Mapping Care through Cultural Probes” with faculty Tina Park in which they spoke on narratives for health and care, and led a journal mapping activity.

The conference theme was “Who Cares?” and explored related questions, issues and propositions concerning responsibilities, relationships, ways of doing and directing design today. In order to address current social, economic and environmental challenges, Nordes 2019 worked to highlight inclusive and humanitarian design, participatory and co-design, design for sustainability, social innovation, and design for services and policy.

Nordes 2019 is the 8th biannual conference of the Nordic Design Research Society. Convened in 2005, the society is an informal net- work of people interested in design research. Norde convenes biannual conferences and, on opposite years, biannual summer schools. The conferences and summer schools are hosted and self-organized on a voluntary basis by Nordic institutions of higher education, and the location of each rotates between the Nordic countries.

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