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Welcome Class of 2020

Last week we welcomed our seventh DSI cohort at our annual Bootcamp. This beloved event allows incoming students to get acquainted with each other and the school. We began with a welcome from our chair, Cheryl Heller, and team. Each students shared a 5-minute presentation about the cultures they come from, previous experience, current interests and hopes for their lives ahead.

Day two of Bootcamp began with a workshop by faculty member Lee-Sean Huang, who facilitated a discussion about social norms and the role of deviance and disruption of these norms as one of the goals of social innovation. After that, students engaged in a series of activities culled from improvisational theater and game design. These activities were designed to help the members of the new cohort open up to each other, better understand their own intuition and embodied wisdom, and inspire creative risk-taking.

We look forward to watching the class of 2020 transform into the newest creative leaders in the growing field of social design.

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