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From Public Relations to Public Policy

Since the day she entered DSI, Meghan Lazier was committed to seizing every opportunity. When she was able to spend a summer in Kenya helping Erik Hersman launch BRCK, she jumped on it without hesitation. She knew she wanted international experience — and BRCK, a Nairobi-based company that connects frontier markets to the Internet, was the right place to start. Meghan was later recruited to work for Bridge International Academies, an organization that uses ed tech and economies of scale to lessen the gap in quality education for children who do not have access to it. Now she works for the Federal Reserve Board, the central banking system for the U.S. Meghan helps economists better understand their research and share it across internal barriers. It’s not work that the outside world sees, but it’s important, and affects real monetary policies. If you’re mature, motivated and resourceful, you belong here. Learn to be a design leader, see what a degree in social design can do for you.

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