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New Faculty Spring 2018

New Faculty Spring 2018

This spring, we enthusiastically welcome three new faculty members to DSI. They come with impressive experience and credentials, and we’re delighted to add their expertise. Through them, we increase the breadth and depth of talent and resources of our faculty and students.

Welcome, Natalia, Mattie and Nicholas. We’re happy to have you here.

Natalia Radywyl, Introduction to Thesis

Natalia is an Australian ethnographer, researcher, designer and educator who currently serves as a Senior Design Researcher at Fjord, where she leads research efforts to ensure people are at the heart of digital service experiences. Her work spans subject areas and countries: She’s worked on a variety of projects, from publishing a book about sustainable scientific innovation to developing a resilience, technology and public space project after Hurricane Sandy. Natalia is a self-described compulsive people-watcher, pattern detector and systems-thinker who is passionate about civic work. Learn more about her here.

Mattie Brice, Games for Impact

Mattie is an independent, medium-agnostic game designer whose games are made to be inclusive. Currently, she serves as an Internal Consultant at Spirit IA, where she synthesizes content from games to create sets of data. She also works at IndieCade as Associate Director; there, she is responsible for all curated content at worldwide events. Mattie has a background in social justice advocacy and focuses on confronting sexism, racism and other forms of marginalization in her work. Learn more about her here.

Nicolas Fortungo, Games for Impact
Nicholas is a game designer who currently serves as a CEO at Playmatics, the company behind the award-winning “Breaking Bad: The Interrogation.” He is the original designer behind the blockbuster hit Diner Dash and a co-founder of the Come Out & Play Festival. From the Bronx, Fortungo has taught the Game Design and Interactive Narrative program at The New School since 2002. Learn more about him here.

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