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New Clients and Partners

DSI students learn the practice of Social Design not only by theory, but through practice, working with exciting organizations, on the most important issues. This year, teams in the Communication Design class are working with Dr. Ruth Gates, a marine biologist who is selectively breeding corals to withstand the effects of climate change in the oceans. The assignment is to help Dr.Gates create a global network of scientists, policy makers, environmental organizations and corporations who will work in every country with coral reefs. Another team is working with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, translating a code of ethics for the Signal Project so that every organization that uses data and information can adopt it. Other clients this year are Uplift Solutions, an organization that helps grocers open markets in food deserts, trains formerly incarcerated people and guarantees them jobs, Girls for a Change, an organization that supports young girls of color to reach their full potential; Equal Rights Advocates, an organization that provides legal support for people who have been sexually harassed and abused; and the Healthcare Innovations group at ICL, using training and internal communications to shift to a more holistic approach to healthcare.

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