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3 reasons to submit your DSI application before the Jan. 15 deadline

You want to design a career with a purpose. It’s time to start now.

When you apply to DSI early, you maximize the opportunities available to you. Here’s why you should apply before the first deadline on Jan. 15:

  1. Increase your likelihood of being considered for this program. You care about bettering this world, AND getting a job. If you belong at DSI, you’re going to want to reserve your place here. We make note of go-getter candidates who apply early.
  2. Get first dibs on scholarships. Early applicants can find the best scholarships and get their applications for them in quickly.
  3. Make arrangements for your life at SVA (and in New York). Transitioning to a new school and a new program can be both exciting and stressful. If you’re moving to New York from another state or country, this allows you to find housing, make connections with people in the area and look for a part-time job during school.

Get started on your application by visiting our apply page.

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