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Emily Herrick ’16, speaks about “The Constitutionary” for AIGA Design for Good

DSI Alum Emily Herrick ’16, service designer at Reboot, joined Tomas Ives, designer and special projects director of the Government of Chile, and Chelsea Mauldin of Public Policy Lab in the fourth episode of the Design for Good webcast series, “The Constitutionary,” on March 17, 2017.

The series is a resource for practical information and instruction, told through inspirational stories. It offers opportunities for engaging dialogue, leadership development, and professional training. The guest speakers — AIGA members and beyond—are all active practitioners in social impact design, gender equity, creative place-making, government innovation, racial justice, healthcare access, and more. While sharing their approaches to design practice, they demonstrate how designers can develop solutions for complex societal issues.

In this episode, illustrator and design strategist Tomas Ives discussed the community engagement process behind “The Constitutionary,” and his involvement in co-creating a national charter. Following years of amendments to the Chilean Constitution, which was drafted by the Pinochet dictatorship amid chronic social unrest, Chile’s current president, Michelle Bachelet, crowdsourced a project to rewrite the national Constitution by the people for the people.

Moderated by Laetitia Wolff, Director of Strategic Initiatives at AIGA, Emily Herrick, Chelsea Mauldin, and Tomas Ives discussed the creative and strategic step-by-step process behind this ambitious, inspiring, and controversial civic engagement project, focusing on the following key questions:

  • How can data visualization and design thinking engage underserved communities, including the most remote rural populations of Patagonia, to participate in a true democratic process?
  • What role can illustrators, communicators, and service designers play in convening disparate populations around a common national project while emulating values of transparency, participation, and innovation?
  • How can research and design become essential tools to evolve and improve traditional political processes?

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