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Games for Impact Welcomes Cornell Tech

The Games for Impact class, taught by Asi Burak and Toni Pizza, recently presented their first game assignment, in the inaugural class integrating students from Cornell Tech. Students developed a “non-impact” game under assigned creative constraints, in order to practice game-making tools, processes and game mechanics to generate player engagement.

The resulting games were an interesting mix of digital and non-digital games, including the

Roy Musical Landscape, in which players create colors and landscape art by singing, with the assigned constraints: Played in the Dark; Dice; Music or Sound

Flock on Fleek, a board game with feathered pieces and the constraints: Team Game (2 or more teams); Tokens: Animals or Creatures

The Lost Tomb, a board game with a film trailer and instructions with the constraints: Use of time/timer; Cards; Stealth

Who Will Be The Next Monsanto? A highly competitive board game involving farmers and crops with constraints: Grid-Based; Rainbow colors; Food

The Inheritance Game, in which potential inheritors accrued mothers, with constraints: Hidden Information; Money/Coins; Discovery

And Star-Crossed, a game about love of the requited and unrequited kind, with the constraints: Cooperative Game; Blocks; Persuasion

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