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MK Loomis,’14, is Having a Huge Career

She’s a senior product designer at the huge interaction design company conveniently called Huge, working in their Brooklyn office immediately after school, then recently relocating to the office in Los Angeles.

MK can’t talk about anything she’s working on (that’s a sign of someone who works on very big projects for very big companies. (Is there a pattern of large things emerging here?) But she loves her work and finds it extremely exciting. She says “it’s really opened my eyes about the business problems facing very large corporations today, and how to use design and technology to have an impact on them.”

To the question of what she learned at DSI that is most useful to her, she mentions several things. “A lot of the projects I work on are abstract and big and sometimes overwhelming. DSI helped me understand how to embrace the chaos. Things are going to be really abstract and unclear for a while and that’s fine. But it also gave me the tools to understand how to break apart these systems and understand systems design from a service perspective. For example, how does one design transportation for seniors in Los Angeles in a driverless car system? The different skills that DSI taught me have been really valuable.”

MK also mentions the practice of working in teams and collaborating she acquired at DSI: “We don’t talk about that enough. When you work in a design focused company, the ability to work well with other people is crucial…I think being required to do so much teamwork has been really helpful overall. That was the thing everybody struggled with the most.”

Of Huge, MK says the company is changing; focusing on partnering with big companies to help them be successful in the 21st century economy. “That’s everything from strategy and design and user experience design to project innovation and supply chain. It’s more than visual design and that’s what’s really exciting. It’s about how you can have an impact on really big and important companies that not only keeps them successful but also helps them bring new innovations to market as they change their business is to stay relevant.”

MK is also putting what she learned at DSI to work on some personal projects — one aimed at helping the aging population that is predicted to double in the next thirty years. “As designers we don’t often think about our aging population and the things that go along with it that are not necessarily health related. I’m looking at how virtual reality and augmented reality can improve the quality of life and independence for seniors living alone.”

Overall, MK says that “DSI really helped me get the skills to have a bigger voice at the table.”

We’re looking for even bigger things from her in the future.

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