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Meet the New Faculty

(clockwise from top left): Aure Moser, Jonathan O’Brien, Christine Gaspar, Aubrey Hays, Miya Osaki, Gabe Schuster.

This year, we’ve got an impressive group of faculty joining DSI, and workshops on Measurement and Evaluation, Diffusing Hate with Language, and Design for Social Justice.

Aubrey Hays will add Faculty to her title of Director of Operations for DSI, teaching the Global Guest Lecture series with Chair Cheryl Heller.

Aure Moser will teach Data Visualization this fall. She calls herself a “curious cartographer” building communities around code, and has worked with our friends at Ushahidi. (See the article above on Erik Hersman.)

Jonathan O’Brien will teach a class on UX for Social Designers. Jonathan is an ace interaction designer working at Play Lab with DSI thesis faculty Archie Lee Coates IV and Jeffrey Franklin.

Miya Osaki, Partner with our own Tina Park at their design research firm Diagram, will join our thesis faculty.

Gabe Schuster, who will teach the spring Mapping Class is an urban geographer and cartographer interested in producing more just cities through informed research. His current research includes mapping credit union lending behavior, analyzing community resistance to mass redevelopment projects, and simulating the relationship between climate change and population growth.


We have three exciting workshops coming up, beginning with four modules on Measurement and Evaluation taught by Anne LaFond of John Snow International. This is a rare opportunity for our second year students to study with some of the best M&E practitioners in the field. During the workshops, they will develop evaluation plans for their own thesis projects.

Rachel Brown, fellow at the Center For Prevention of Genocide at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and founder and CEO of Sisi ni Amani-Kenya (SNA-K), a Kenyan NGO that pioneered new strategies to build local capacity for peace building and civic engagement, will conduct a workshop based on her new book Defusing Hate: A Strategic Communication Guide to Counteract Dangerous Speech, a resource for practitioners seeking to design communication-based interventions to prevent group-targeted harm, draws upon diverse fields such as marketing and cognitive neuroscience.

Christine Gaspar, of the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) fame will be conducting a workshop this spring, teaching our first year students on using information design to improve social justice.

More information on each of these new faculty (and all of our other amazing teachers) can be found here on the DSI site.

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