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Announcing the DSI Design for America Scholarship

We have come to know Design for America at both a national and local level, and we love them.

DFA is an award-winning nationwide network of college students  and  community partners using design to create local and social impact in the areas of Health, Education, Economy and the Environment.  In fact, they call themselves a “generation of creative activists”. We applaud the opportunities DFA creates for college students to get involved in a wide variety of projects outside the classroom, and in communities all over the country. DSI and our students will be working with the Design for America group at Barnard as mentors on their projects this year.

That’s why we have created a DSI Design for America Scholarship, to help one extraordinary student become a creative leader of change with an MFA in Design for Social Innovation at SVA.

Design for America’s mission is to create a pipeline of leaders of innovation and impact through the implementation of DFA projects. DFA was originally founded at Northwestern University in 2009, and now reaches over twenty nine universities, with over eight hundred active students.

MFA Design for Social Innovation at SVA is the first MFA program in social design. Now in its fourth year, our students, from twenty-four countries, are designing change in global corporations, the US Government, international NGOs, creative agencies and as founders of their own companies.

For a member of Design for America, this is an opportunity to join an international cohort, and develop the skills, wisdom and experience to lead change for good.

The recipient of this scholarship will receive $10,000 per year towards tuition as they prepare themselves for a successful career in social design.

To be considered for the scholarship, apply to the DSI program by January 15th, 2016. While in the program, the recipient must maintain an A grade point average. For more information on the application process visit dsi.sva.edu/apply/

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