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DSI Faculty Hannah du Plessis Speaks at 2015 #DareConf About Nonviolent Communication

Originally posted on dareconf.com
Photo credits: JPG Photography

Much of what passes for communication at work doesn’t connect us with our colleagues. When we diagnose, judge, or assert our status, we block empathy. Real communication isn’t a quest for control: it helps people to connect, learn from each other, and discover new possibilities.

I was raised to keep conversations peaceful and pleasant. If I thought my opinion might cause conflict, I’d keep it to myself. This didn’t serve me. When I was on the verge of losing my business, I realized the consequences of giving up my voice. During this crisis I learned about nonviolent communication (NVC), a way of speaking honestly without attacking others. Learn how to:

• connect with colleagues by building empathy
• identify observations, feelings, needs, and requests using the NVC framework
• shift your approach to interaction so you can engage in open conversations

Recorded live at #dareconf USA, 19 May 2015, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia.

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