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Looking Forward: A Career Workshop Brings Leading Companies to DSI

This year, DSI’s annual career fair was titled Looking Forward. The event was structured around four categories of discussion between both students and interested parties.

Theses topics included: “Building Communities” by investing in people to enhance community, “Purpose” by setting the stage for success by defining and aligning intentions, “Lasting Impact” by creating sustainable value chains decreasing footprints and increasing life cycles, and “Managing Complexity” by using ever developing access to guide impact.

The day consisted of two parts, a workshop and a cocktail mixer. The workshop featured two thirty-minute sessions where companies and students met and discussed in small groups. Each group utilized one of the four categories as a platform for discourse. The groups discussed the challenges and obstacles of each, sharing passionate arguments and concerns. At the end of each session, groups synthesized what was discussed and shared key points. The evening concluded with wine and mingling, providing the perfect platform for everyone to continue discussions and become further acquainted.

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