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A Weekend of Games for Impact Led by the Masters

The weekend was a great mix of DSI students, designers, gamers, coders and actors working together to create engaging, playable and fun social games. Everyone was eager to collaborate and teams were formed around shared interests. The weekend began with introductions into the Games for Change movement powered by Asi Burak. Participants then dispersed to begin formulating plans.

Saturday started out with a Twine workshop by Naomi Clark, giving participants another perspective on how their games could be created and interacted with. The weekend was full of roll playing, brainstorming, a little trail and error, and a lot of caffeine. The games created were as follows:

Closing night concluded with lively presentations on all the new games and awards. The new additions to this year’s Game Jam are as follows:

FIND HER: Video game for two players. The purpose is two simulate the emotions and tension of Alzheimer patients and their families, coming to terms with loss on both sides of a degenerative illness.

FRISK: Board game about STD and sexual responsibility in Manhattan. The game simulates an active sex life in the city, the importance of protection, and learning early detection of STDs.

DAY 1: Video game that simulates diagnosed depression, to help educate the stigma surrounding the unknown illness. The platform uses Twine, a story telling platform to drive diagnosed players around the decisions and consequences of waking up and trying to leave the house.

EPICUREAN: Card game that educates on the awareness of processed ingredients in our daily food. In a similar vein to “Cards Against Humanity” this game uses humor to introduce disgusting and alarming facts about the food we consume.

FIRST YEAR ALUMNI GAME: A story telling digital game showcasing an interactive platform for first graders to understand the connection between our brain, emotions and body.

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