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The Winter Show Photos

Please take a look at some of last semester’s work, as well as some photos from the 2014 DSI Winter Show.


Fundamentals of Design for Social Innovation: Book Project
Serving as a collective landscape of fundamentals, students produced a book showcasing themes and concepts from class. Each student designed a two page spread, exploring themes of behavior, dialogue, skills, and relationships.


Metrics and Data Visualization I: Annual Report Project
Working in teams, students reviews annual reports of similar organizations. Teams identified four shared topics of interest/lines of inquiry based on the found information. From this, a visual language of interpretation was created.


Understanding Natural and Social Systems: Designing Online Communities: Tumblr
Using the platform of Tumblr, students created and curated high impact stages to inspire a dialogue of action and change.


Understanding Natural and Social Systems: Designing Online Communities: Brownsville Project
Students teamed up to create an initial case study exploring the systemic problems afflicting Brownsville, NY.


Thesis Consultation: Research, Writing, Presentation: Thesis Posters
Guided by their faculty advisors, students conduct research to develop a thorough understanding of the context, landscape and challenges of their thesis topic. Each poster represents a current thesis topic.


Mapping and Visualization Design

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