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MFA Design for Social Innovation

MFA Design for
Social Innovation

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Designing a Way to Measure the Impact of Design

A group of diverse funders, business leaders, and practitioners are looking to quantify the potential of social design — the application of design methodologies to solutions for complex human problems — to improve lives.

Jake Porway

Jake Porway, DataKind founder, on the future of design and big data. Watch it here.

Lori Melichar

Lori Melichar from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation spoke about the role designers can play in creating a “culture of health.” Watch it here.

Maggie Breslin

Maggie Breslin, from The Patient Revolution, on how to help people make better decisions about their own health. Watch it here.

Jonathan McKay

Jonathan McKay from, told us about the world’s first national-scale mobile health program, MomConnect, and how they track its impact. Watch it here.

Tracy Johnson

Tracy Johnson from the Gates Foundation gave us anthropological insights into Human Centered Design and the ways in which she integrates it into global development efforts. Watch it here.

Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy, of MASS Design Group, told us how architecture can be a force for improving the lives of whole communities, and how he measures that. If you didn’t get to see it at the Measured Summit, you can watch it here.

On The Radio: Interviews with Measured Speakers and Provocateurs

In the midst of the crowded SVA theater, Denver Frederick, host of the radio show The Business of Giving (@BizofGive) on New York’s WNYM-AM (970) managed to interview a number of the participants.  Hear for yourself at the links below. Laurie Leitch Cheryl Heller Maggie Breslin Jonathan McKay Doug Powell

Measured ))

Last Tuesday, two hundred and fifty people gathered at the SVA theater in New York to begin the conversation about measuring the impact of social design on health. It was informative, exciting, energized. And it wasn’t enough. We knew it would be only a beginning. In the weeks to come, we will be creating a…

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An Interview with Measured Summit Organizer Cheryl Heller

A quick download of “The Measured Summit: Measuring the Impact of Social Design on Human Health,” happening next Tuesday, January 24th, in NYC. What is the Summit? Why is it happening? Who will be there? Our interview with the Summit’s lead organizer, Cheryl Heller, will help you get queued in to what’s going on.

136 W 21st St,
5th Fl.
New York, NY 10011
(212) 592–2205