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The 2017 Thesis Show

This past Monday, May 1st, people watched from the auditorium at the SVA Theater and around the world as the newest graduates presented their thesis projects. After over a year of research, prototyping, refining, pivoting, research, prototyping, refining, breakthroughs, setbacks, insights, long days spent working with advisors, countless hours of rehearsing and sleepless nights, they…

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A Quick Guide (and a New App) to the Latest Social Innovations

The students of DSI illustrated the promise of design for social innovation in their presentations. Here’s a closer look at four of the projects with descriptions by the designers themselves, as well as a new app that features the work of all of this year's graduating DSI students.

‘Boiling Down’ Project Fights Bullying Through the Power of Cooking

Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting some of the many outstanding projects by 2016 Alumni Scholarship Award winners. First up is MFA Design for Social Innovation student Ivan Boscariol on his Boiling Down program, which aims to reduce bullying and challenge gender norms through the power of cooking.

DSI Alum Rachel Dixon and Swar Raisinghani Present Their Thesis Projects for Implementing Impact!

Rachel Dixon and Swar Raisinghani were invited to Implementing Impact! Strategies for Creative Intervention to present their respective thesis projects as successful case studies in developing social impact. Implementing Impact! is a one-week summer intensive exploring how to launch socially innovative projects for advanced college students and creative professionals offered at SVA.

DSI Alum Meghan Lazier Wants To Get NYC’S Accessible Transit Up To Speed

Meghan Lazier develops an app that's like Uber for disabled people.

2015 Thesis Show Presentations

Watch the thesis presentations from the Class of 2015 — the second ever graduating class from DSI.

2016 Thesis Preview: 19 Trailers of What’s to Come

Thesis topic preview videos from the Class of 2016.

Class of 2015 Student Haya Shaath Helps Saudi Women Go Home Again

After she graduates from DSI this spring and finishes her work visa, Haya Shaath will, along with other Saudi women who’ve chosen to study abroad, ask herself a question: Is it time to return home? Haya doesn’t yet know how she’ll answer the question, but she’s wondering about the transition back for the women who say “yes” and has dedicated her thesis project to supporting them in that process.

DSI thesis project: Race in America, solving what’s close to home

“Birmingham is probably the most thoroughly segregated city in the United States.” Although much has changed and great progress has been made in the 50 years since Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote these words from inside Birmingham Jail, there is still much work left to do. Despite the advances that have been made, my hometown remains the most residentially segregated city in the state of Alabama, and the 26th most segregated in the country.

DSI Students Are Designing Better Patient Experiences in Indian Government Hospitals

As Design for Social Innovation students, we’re constantly reminded of our responsibility to be social – to deliberately involve people in our projects, both in the design process and in our imagination of their impacts. We want to share a powerful experience we had while working on our thesis project, which seeks to improve the interaction between doctors and patients in government hospitals in India.

136 W 21st St,
5th Fl.
New York, NY 10011
(212) 592–2205